Periodic review of your investment portfolio – Our specialists review clients’ investment portfolios at periodic intervals and keep them updated in line with prevailing economic conditions, expected market behavior and other socio-economic conditions. These frequent reviews and updates help our clients make a well-informed decision, as need be, by realigning their existing investments or channelizing new investments.


Additional layer of monitoring – In this VUCA world where the external market is so dynamic, we believe in the personal touch when it comes to investments. Economic conditions and global sentiments impact investor’s requirements leading to changes in investment options. It is difficult for an individual to keep track of so many things, thus impacting the investment portfolio. We bridge this gap by keeping our investors abreast with these major events and it’s a possible impact on the portfolio.

One point connect to all your investment needs and solutions – Like the needs of each of your family members’ differ, similarly, the investment choices for individuals are different too. There are a plethora of investment options like mutual funds, insurance, other equity-linked investments, corporate FD’s, Portfolio Management Services, NRI Investments, AIF, etc and each of these investment products have a different risk-reward profile. We specialize in all of these products and customize the investment portfolios for our clients depending on their risk profile and future aspirations. All this comes at no additional cost.

Tax Planning – Some of us have tied investments to the annual tax planning cycle. We work with our investors to effectively manage their tax outflow by channelizing investments into effective tax saving instruments like ELSS, NPS, etc. We work in close coordination with CAs to effectively guide our investors on tax-related matters.


Retirement and Financial Goal Planning –We have a lot of dreams for the future, however, we don’t always actively plan for it. We help you achieve your aspirations by converting your dreams into achievable financial goals.

We deal in a wide spectrum of products including:

Structured Products

  • Mutual Funds

  • Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

  • Portfolio Management service (PMS)

Trading & Direct investments

  • ​Equity, Commodity and currency trading

Insurance products

  • Life Insurance

  • General Insurance

Debt products

  • Corporate FDs

  • Debt/ NCDs/ Bonds

Algorithmic trading *

Investment advisory solutions

*Algorithmic trading is an unconventional investment product and one of the key unique offerings in the space of technology-enabled investment options.

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